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Explore the vibrant world of artist Daniela Klooster, a Curaçao native who creates stunning artwork inspired by her unique background and personal journey.

With roots in both Curaçao and the Dominican Republic, Daniela's art beautifully combines mythical youth figures with Caribbean icons, showcasing themes of locality and outsider identity in her work.

Exploring Caribbean Icons

Discover the various Caribbean icons used in Daniela Klooster's artwork. From nature elements to cultural landmarks, each piece is a reflection of her heritage and personal experience

Identity and Artistic Style

Daniela Klooster's personal identity greatly influences her artistic style. Through struggles with belonging and a constant quest for connections, her artwork captures the essence of her journey.

Experience the Art of Daniela Klooster

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, cultural influences, and personal storytelling. Explore our collection and find a piece that speaks to you.